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Getting Real Value For Money From Your Outdoor Advertising

We generally tailor your budget to your suit your trailer advertising campaign needs, there are however a few basic trends that our clients find the most beneficial in advertising for an event or product launch and that is to split the campaign into regions. You can have one trailer for your campaign in Johannesburg, and another in Cape Town to target the two geographic locations.

Convenient Location For Your Advertising Trailer

We have hundreds of different trailer locations that we use all over South Africa. These trailer advertising locations are designed to gain the maximum exposure and sighting of your trailer advertising. We usually customize a route for you and work with you until we have the perfect route plan. Our Advertising Trailers are usually moved on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis, which gives your trailer advertisement maximum exposure.

Effective Trailer Advertising Solutions

We aim to give all our customers the best value for money within the allocated budget for trailer advertising. There are a few determining factors that can help with lowering rates or lengthening campaigns.

Trailer Advertising Benefits For Your Business

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